Silicon wafer batteries promise lower cost, better stability

In an effort to make longer-lasting, safer, and more affordable batteries, Washington-based XNRGI aims to build lithium batteries on plentiful, off-the shelf silicon wafers. Last week, the company announced plans to bring new batteries based on its patented technology to market in 2020, in a new stationary storage battery. Most such batteries…

Automotive supplier tests immersion-cooled batteries for EVs

The two biggest challenges for electric cars—battery life and charge times—come down to battery cooling. Now British auto parts supplier Ricardo is working with partners to come up with a new type of cooling technology that the company hopes will allow automakers to pack more energy into cars’ batteries and to charge them faster. The…

Report: EV sales will surpass gas-powered models in 2037

Sales of new electric passenger cars will surpass those of internal combustion models by 2037 according to a new report on EVs from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The report, “Electric Vehicle Outlook 2019,” anticipates that 30 percent of vehicles in the world will be powered by electric motors by 2040. It forecasts that worldwide EV […]

Battery supply shortages may be linked to rising demand for nickel

As automakers fret over materials and supplies of electric car batteries, it may not be lithium keeping executives up at night. A new report from Bloomberg reveals that prices for class one nickel—high purity and required in some electric car batteries—has jumped more than 35 percent since the end of 2018 on the London Metal […]