383 Stroker Rotating Assembly #ETCGDadsTruck

This is (Episode 21) of the #ETCGDadsTruck Series. Link to (Episode 22): Link posted when available Link to (Episode 20): https://youtu.be/HvVw2MKdUzc This installment of #ETCGDadsTruck covers the assembly of the rotating assembly of the engine, #DT383. The rotating assembly consists of the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, cam shaft, and timing chain. Camera: Brian Kast, Eric […]

Machine Shop Summary #ETCGDadsTruck Engine

This is (Episode 20) of the #ETCGDadsTruck Series. Link to (Episode 21): Link posted when available Link to (Episode 19): https://youtu.be/PY-6otgWCC0 When I picked up my engine from Kalvinator Engines I asked my machinist about the work they did to my stock 350 to turn it onto a tire shredding 383. Kevin Frische summarizes the […]

How to Install Sound Deadening Material & Headliner #ETCGDadsTruck

This is (Episode 19) of the #ETCGDadsTruck Series. Link to (Episode 20): Link posted when available Link to (Episode 18): https://youtu.be/I49YS-Nqn2U In this episode of #ETCGDadsTruck I install some Eastwood XMat and a new headliner. This video also covers the interior trim installation. It’s a short episode, but packed with useful information. Camera: Brian Kast, […]

How To Replace GM Clamshell Engine Mounts

The vehicle in this video is a 1990 C1500 Sport with a 5.7L engine. I believe these mounts were used in a lot of GM vehicles besides just this truck. If you have this type of engine mount, this video will walk you through how to replace them. The part used in this video: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-7731116?utm_source=etcg&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=motormounts&utm_content=2019-05 […]